Monday, March 19, 2012

new directions & growth

I spend a lot of time blogging.  A LOT.  I do my best to put family first, but that doesn't always happen.  Some evenings I have a hard time getting off the computer and hanging out with J.  Some days I feel a little frustrated when B wakes earlier than expected from his nap because I wasn't quite able to finish a post.

I've spent a fair amount of time lately thinking things over, asking for advice, and figuring out how to proceed.  I want my blog to grow, I want to continue gaining readers, I want my blog to help me contribute to my family financially.  BUT!  I also want this blog to be a place for those who have lost babies and need support.  I think I've found a good balance so far, but I'm ready to shift things and push for a little more growth.

Selling ad spots on my blog doesn't feel like the right direction for me.  You won't click over here one day to see huge ads, less real content, more content aimed at making money, or anything like that, but I will be changing things up a bit to see if it's possible to make money via affiliate programs and the like. (A percentage of all funds made from the blog will be donated to groups that help parents after pregnancy and infant loss.)

I've also pulled the book out again.  It's Charlotte's story, and what came after, expanded.  Stories from the blog, stories that I haven't published, more content than a typical blog post.  I really want to make it happen, but am having a difficult time doing so.  My goal is to make it more manageable by breaking it into sections, instead of writing a whole book at once!, and publishing each section as an ebook which would be available for a small fee.  I would really appreciate feedback on this idea.

And I would love to know what you like about this space so I can continue in a direction that makes readers happy.  Why do you read?  What do you like to read about?  How can I make this blog better?

None of these changes will happen quickly, but I wanted to let you know at the outset that they will be coming.  There may be some growing pains, there will be some change, but I don't want to lose what I love about this space - you and me hanging out, talking about life, babies, books, food, grief and loss.


  1. Love your voice, your writing, your insights - there's a little bit of everything here and it's a refreshing perspective. I know you read a ton and I would personally love to hear more about your favorite books from time to time and recommendations on new books!

    Congrats on going in a new direction. I know you will find a path for your blog that is just right for you and I look forward to watching you grow!!

  2. Joellen ArmstrongMarch 19, 2012 at 5:00 PM

    I think it would be completely wonderful & totally legitimate for you to put in a few adds or affiliate programs here or there - you are a great writer & I love to read your stuff (and a few extra dollars for frivolous stuff is always nice). I would definitely keep working on your book - it's such a unique story & people love to read about other people... make us all feel less alone. Keep it up!!

  3. You should check out the website She started out a few months ago with a blogspot blog called "Parenting - Illustrated with Crappy Pictures" - it is an absolutely fall on the floor hillarious blog about the foibles of parenting and mommying. She became very popular very quickly. She recently moved to her own web page and took on some sponsers. The sponsers are all natural parenting related. She is also gowing through some of the same things you are talking about, and besides it is just a super funny site.

    BTW - your blowout post reminded me of one of the first outings with took with my daughter when she was about 5 weeks old. We went to walk on the boardwalk with my inlaws. My diaper bag at the time contained about four wipes, a new diaper, and a bottle for her. Notice I don't mention a new outfit. She had the cutest outfit on at the time. Well, she had the HUGEST blowout ever. Four wipes - didn't cut it. Did I mention we were at the boardwalk. There aren't a lot of bathrooms at the boardwalk. We were changing her in the back of the SUV. We ended up using a bottle of saline solution from the first aid kit and some tissues to clean her. She rode home naked except for the clean diaper that I (thankfully) had with me.

  4. I don't mind which direction you head in, I'll keep reading.


thank you!


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